Meet the Saucy Line Up from Bow Valley BBQ


This Sauce Is So Good, It Has Won The Oscars Of The Sauce World.

And yes, the award is 100% named the Sauceskers.

Based in Canmore, Bow Valley BBQ's origin story begins in the kitchen where chef Jaime had an opportunity to actually leave his stable, full-time job and launch his own company, that would use his culinary skills and sauce making intuition to develop sauce recipes for any restaurant. 

The Entrepreneurial program that Jaime had entered provided him and Chef Chris, who became the head of product development, with an opportunity to spend time in Alberta’s Innovation and Food Science program run out of Leduc.

Fine Tuning Their Saucing Skills

This is where Jaime and Chris learned how to take their knowledge and skill of making delicious, restaurant worth, award-winning sauces, and pair it with food production science. This is really important because this is what really makes Bow Valley BBQ so impressive. It is one of the only BBQ and sauce products on the shelf that is preservative and additive-free.

Clean Ingredients for a Delicious and Messy Sauce

Chef Jaime and Chef Chris only use real food ingredients, scouring the world for the best spices and chilis to incorporate into their sauce, but it’s what they leave out that makes their sauce really impressive. Their food science training is what helps them understand how to play with the PH levels (acidity) of their recipes, to not only develop their flavour profiles, but to also create a shelf-stable product that can last for 12 months. All without adding in a chemical or powdered preservative like almost every other sauce brand out there.



The King of Sauces

If winning the Sauceskers doesn't impress you, being voted the #1 salsa in the world (in two different categories), or being voted the #1 steak sauce in the world doesn't get you excited – then their true foodie passion and never-ending sauce development should.

Their love of sauce translates into their constant experimenting and exploration of new flavours and styles – with an exciting new sauce being launched later this month that may literally blow your lid off.

Why Do We Love Bow Valley BBQ?

Obviously, because they're local, but even if they weren’t – they are darn good at what they do and they are passionate about providing real sauce choices for you. Did you know that 5 out of 6 sauces you see on store shelves are all made by the same company, from the same recipe, they're just labeled differently?

That’s what happens in the industrialized food system and why we hope you will join us in supporting these sauces, made right here in our own backyard.



Grilled Bow Valley BBQ Chicken Wings

We love Bow Valley BBQ for what they do to our chicken wings! If nothing else convinces you, this chicken wing recipe will win you over.

  1. Toss the Free Range Chicken Wings in salt and pepper and heat the grill to 350°F.
  2. Place the wings on the grill so that they all touch to keep moist.
  3. Flip every 5 mins for a total of 20 minutes or until meat is fully cooked.
  4. Toss in your favourite Bow Valley BBQ sauce and enjoy!


Big Foot Bold BBQ Sauce



Free Range Chicken Wings



Sweet Chili Corn Salsa




Sweet Sticky Icky



Total Jerk Sauce



Winged Buffalo Hot Sauce



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