Meet Our Vendor - Vital Green Farms

Meet our Vendor - Vital Green Farms

A common question we’ve been asked is, “what percentage of your products are from Alberta?”, and the answer is easy - 100%.  One of our main goals here at CultivatR is to simplify the process of finding the healthiest, quality, and LOCAL food for you while keeping things sustainable for the environment.  However, we know we can’t do that without our producers which is why we want to take this time to spotlight a local Alberta farm.  Some of our most ordered dairy products are from an Alberta farm - Vital Green Farms.  

Who is Vital Greens?

Vital Green Farms was founded in 2004 by Joe and Caroline Mans.  Like many of us, they were trying to find the healthiest dairy options for their family.  However, they quickly saw a lack of healthy organic products in the market.  They decided to take matters into their own hands, which led to the first organic dairy processing plant in Alberta - Vital Green Farms.  Since then, Joe and Caroline have grown the farm significantly - from offering only whole milk and plain yogurt in the beginning, their product offering has now grown to almost 20 different products!

What Makes them Different?

Like we said in the beginning, keeping things sustainable for the environment is something that we value at CultivatR, which is why it’s important to us that our producers also value this.  At Vital Green, they do their part in keeping everything healthy.  From their cattle to the feed and most of all, the soil.  They make sure only natural and organic supplements are used in their soil, which creates more nutritious plants, grass, legumes and herbs which all go into feeding the cows.  When cattle are fed healthier and natural food, they also produce healthier and natural food. this all equals richer and tastier products for you and I! They also do their part in minimizing their carbon footprint by keeping the entire process close together (which means less travel required in comparison to commercial dairy products) and only distribute locally in Alberta.

Now that you’ve met Vital Green, what are you waiting for?! Go and check out their amazing products in our store now!!

Organic 2% Milk 

Organic Yoghurt (Plain or Vanilla)

Organic Cheese Curds

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