Meet Our Pampered Piggies!

At Bear and Flower Farm, Christopher and Jessica are devoted to providing superior and humanely, outdoor raised pork products.

All while revolutionizing the pork industry towards a globally conscious transformation – pig by pig!

In 2015, after a few years of missing how we used to work with animals, we took a leap of faith and decided to put one of our quarter sections of land, previously grazed by cattle to use and we both left our full time jobs and decided to become outdoor free-range natural pig farmers.

So there are no bears or flowers…?

Before we get into how we do things differently, the biggest question we get is how did you come up with the name Bear and the Flower Farm? EVERYONE ASKS and they will ask you too!

When we were originally thinking about naming our farm we wanted something unique and that people would remember. Something that would stick out! It’s kind of cheesy but ‘Bear’ and ‘Flower’ is nicknames that this husband and wife duo call each other, now can you guess who the Bear is and who is the Flower?

Now back to the pigs!

What’s a Swine Nutritionist…?

At Bear and the Flower Farm we work with a certified swine nutritionist. Our nutritionist has helped us to develop feed rations that allow us to finish our Bear and the Flower Farm outdoor pork in a timely manner, all while keeping, this process a natural plant-based formulation. We take our animals feed seriously and want them to have the best! 

Why Free Range?

Bear and the Flower Farms outdoor raised piggies are happy year round! We get a lot of questions about how the pigs do in the winter time, and to be honest they do much better in the cold then in the heat!! Did you know that pigs don't sweat? Because of this they can get really over heated so in order to help our pigs relax and live happier, this past summer we trenched in a sprinkler system from our river to our pigs. Yes...our pigs have a 'splash park'. 

So how do the pigs get through the winter with no issues? We have heated waterers and they get plenty of straw to burrow under. We had special metal tin huts made for our pigs so they can also have a roof over their heads during snow and rain. 

Our farm is growing. We recently expanded our pigs living space to support pasture re-generation! We also increased the square footage of each pig per acre allowing space for more waterers', shelters, feeders and ease of handling. Now each pig enjoys more than 1000 square feet to roam and play! 


Try Our Favourite Recipe - Roasted Pork Shoulder 

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