Lambtastic Farms

Breaking Baaaaaad

What happens when two chefs come together to raise sheep?

A lot of great puns and jokes, but more importantly, the best tasting Lamb available in Alberta!

Ray and Nancy Nolan are professionally trained and experienced chefs who come from the world of exquisite dining experiences – meaning they know what good Lamb should taste like!

A Little Bit of Baaackground

Ray and Nancy Nolan are partners in life and business.  They both graduated cooking college, Ray in Ireland and Nancy at SAIT in Calgary.  They met in London, England in the kitchen of the 5-star Dorchester Hotel.  They have cooked for the Queen of England as well as other heads of state and celebrities.  One of their proudest days was cooking for Nelson Mandela in the private Krug Dining Room of the Dorchester. They later travelled together, working in the kitchens of fine hotels like the Intercontinental in Toronto and the Hyatt Regency in Calgary. In 2012, they decided they were ready to start a family and a lamb farm in Southern Alberta near Vulcan where Nancy's parents still reside.

Meet the Flockers

Beyond testing their understanding of right versus wrong, Lambtastic is steadfast in ethically raising a hormone-free flock of over 400 Ewes. During cold winter months and hot summer days, a 12,500 square foot heated, ventilated barn can house up to 1,200 head of sheep, keeping them warm, clean and safe.

Lambtastic's high ethical standards ensure all livestock are raised in a healthy environment. They are raised without the use of hormones or animal by product feeds. Nutrition plays a major role in the well-being of the flock. The sheep have the opportunity to roam and live a natural life, feeding off the grasslands and sparkling waters. Their diet is supplemented with a carefully regulated forage and mixed grain ration.

But is it Really Lambtastic??

Lamb is a great alternative to other traditional meats like beef and pork: not just because it tastes flavorful but because it's healthy for the whole family.

Lamb is a food you can feel good about eating because today's lamb is low in fat and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Lamb is also rich in Iron, Omega 3's and Protein. Lambtastic’s lambs are always processed under one year, making it very tender, and a healthy option for young children and people with chewing or digestion problems.

The healthiest ways to prepare lamb include grilling, roasting and broiling. Please visit the Lambtastic recipes page for more ideas on how to cook lamb.

CultivatR is proud to be partnered with Ray, Nancy and Lambtastic Farms, because they provide Alberta families with local lamb that rates high for great taste, has been ethically raised on a local farm, and processed at the right age.

Another great Alberta Family, feeding Alberta’s Families.

In-Stock from Lambtastic Farms:

Alberta Grass Fed Ground Lamb | 1lb



Alberta Grass Fed Lamb Loin Chops | 1 lb



Alberta Grass Fed Lamb Leg (Boneless Rolled) | 2.5 lbs





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