Guide to a Perfectly Juicy Roast Beef for Christmas Dinner

Every family has different Christmas dinner traditions. Since we’re only allowed to have smaller gatherings within the same household this Christmas, our priority is to order and cook what we actually need and avoid waste.

If it's usually “turkey it up” for you, maybe it’s time to “roast it up” this year because that's our plan this year!

Holiday beef roasts offer more than just satisfaction. They are the perfect size for smaller groups, way easier to cook than turkeys and are scrumptious crowd-pleasers!

Dry-aged beef gives a more buttery taste and that's incredibly crucial to a Christmas roast beef. We dry age our beef for a minimum of 14 days to deliver the best flavour.

Without further ado, here comes our favourite roast beef cuts and how we like to cook them!

1. Grass-fed NY Striploin Roast

Striploin is tender and a slightly leaner cut with incredible flavour and texture. Like other roasts, it offers a buttery taste after dry ageing and we dry age our beef for a minimum of 14 days.

One of the best striploin roast recipes we've tried is the New York Strip Roast with Rosemary-Orange Crust and Herbed Butter by Epicurious. It's simple but yields a juicy and aromatic roast! 


2. Grass-fed Tenderloin Roast

The most tender roast of all! Get it if you're looking for that melt-in-your-mouth experience...but seriously who isn't though? 

The key to the perfect tenderloin roast is temperature and time. We love the  Roast Beef Tenderloin with Garlic and Rosemary recipe by Bon Appetit as it gives you a perfectly tender and succulent roast.


3. Grass-fed Top Sirloin Roast

Cut from the hip bone, it’s lean but flavourful with some marbling. It's a more affordable alternative to tenderloin roasts. 

Sometime it's tough with sirloin roasts because they can be tough. But with proper preparation and cooking, they can actually turn out quite juicy! Here's an amazing recipe by The Black Peppercorn that walks you through the making of a tender and flavourful top sirloin roast.


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