Grab This Drink and Thank Us Later

By now, most of us have tasted kombucha, and we think we know what it is. But have we really given it a fair chance to impress us?

Our experience with kombucha only really started when we tasted the ones handcrafted by this Calgary-based brewery called Tru Büch. 

They're simply delicious.

So What is Kombucha?

It's a fermented, lightly effervescent, and flavour-infused black or green tea drink that gained its popularity in the mid-2010s due to its broad health benefits.

Its abundance of probiotics, antioxidants, and vitamins that emerged from the tea base and the fermentation process helps us with common health concerns such as digestive system irregularities and inflammation.

That is actually how Conrad and Louisa, True Büch's founder duo, stumbled upon kombucha on their trip around the world in the mid-2010s.

Birth of True Büch

Like how most local food businesses kicked off, the founders' handmade kombucha was getting lots of love from their families and friends. They started crafting more and selling at the Sunnyside Farmers' Market while both were working a 9-5 job.

All the in-person conversations with customers during this time led Conrad and Louisa to perfect their recipe. When the demand had finally outgrown the space they rented for production, the couple decided to quit their corporate jobs and commit to scaling the business.


Why People Love True Büch?

There are too many things to love about them, really. We'll try to list a couple:

  • They are 100% Calgary-based and run by Calgarians.
  • Unlike other kombuchas that make you squeeze your eyes, their kombuchas are delicious. They have a very subtle fermentation taste, which helps accentuate the natural flavours infused into them like ginger and berry. Their customers call them the "Kombucha Converter".
  • Handcrafted kombucha means it's handcrafted every step of the way, from steeping and fermenting tea, to juicing ginger and bottling the drinks.
  • They only use organic ingredients to craft kombucha in small batches with their original recipe.
  • They stayed true to the original plan of continuously giving back to local charity organisations like MealShare (end youth hunger), AARCS (save cats and dogs), TreeEra (combat climate change).


What Customers are Saying


There is something magical about their Ginger Kombucha. It is ridiculously delicious and fresh tasting. It has easily become my go-to replacement for pop (and apparently it is good for me too!). I also love that it is a bunch of young entrepreneurs from Calgary that created and run this company."



I wanted to add kombucha into our family diet for the health benefits. After some research, I decided to give True Büch because of their brewing process. My family was scared that I was going to make them drink a gross health drink, but to their surprise, everyone loved the taste. That's a huge statement considering the pickiness of my children (and wife). The ginger and mojito flavors are my favorite, while my kids love the very berry and root beer."


We can't wait for you to try them out!

6 unique flavours:

Ginger, root beer, mojito mint, very berry, blueberry rooibos, and vanilla chai.




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