Gameday Snacks

Brought to you by Chef Kai

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Straight up, I love football. My first love is hockey, but I absolutely love watching football every Sunday. Today we are here to celebrate the best (and perhaps dirtiest) snack day of the year, Superbowl!
Cultivatr has a great and diverse lineup of quick snacks that are ready to go. Peel off the top, pour in a bowl and you can pretend that the Pico de Gallo from Maxi Foods was lovingly made by you...if that’s your schtick.  Or better yet, proudly announce that you support local Alberta Vendors and products and that you purchased everything for your spread from Cultivatr! 
On with the snacks!

El Chorizo Pigs in a Blanket (a.k.a Sausage Rolls) 

Serve with Brassica Mustards (Various flavors)


  • Take thawed puff pastry and roll out until ¼’ thick ( if necessary). 
  • Cut puff pastry into squares, smaller than the length of the sausage. The goal is to have about ½ of sausage protruding from the ends of the puff pastry.
  • Roll the sausage in the puff pastry and seal with a little egg wash (beaten egg with a splash of water or milk)
  • Baste the whole sausage roll (puff pastry only) with the rest of the egg wash, poke several small holes along the roll to allow steam to escape. 
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 375 F for approximately 20-25min or until golden brown and the sausage is fully cooked. 
  • Serve with your favorite mustards


    Cultivatr 7 Layer Dip

    This one is a little more work due to the refried beans but you can easily buy a can if you want to and literally cut the prep time down by 3/4s. 

    - Pinto Beans (Grainworks) / Mexican Mystery Spice (TWP 27) / Yellow Onion and Garlic (various producers) / Chicken Stock (Made Foods) / Butter (Vital Greens Farm)
    - Guacamole (Maxi Foods)
    - Pico De Gallo (Maxi Foods)
    - Sour Cream (Vital Greens Farms)
    - Peppercorn Cheddar - Grated (Old School Cheesery)
    - Red Pepper Stuffed Green Olives - Sliced  (Nefiss Devine)
    - Garnish with sliced green onions or chives, fresh cilantro and fresh diced tomato
    - *Optional* Dry-Aged Ground Beef (Gemstone Farms)

    First off we need to make the beans. The best way to make beans is to soak the beans the night before in plenty (I mean plenty! They expand and swell) of cold water and a good pinch of salt, in a large container, on the counter overnight. 
    Drain beans and rinse. Place the beans in a large pot and cover with lots of cold water. Bring to a boil and simmer until the beans are tender. Skim the water of any foam (scum) that might bubble up during the cooking process. 
    Remove the beans and rinse. Allow to cool. 
    Finely dice the yellow onion and garlic. Saute the onions and garlic in a tablespoon of butter until translucent, add the beans back in and season with a tablespoon of the Mexican Mystery Spice. Add about 2 cups of chicken stock and cook down until the beans are starting to fall apart and are nice and soft, there should be very little liquid left in the pot. 
    Transfer the contents of the pot to a food processor and pulse lightly until you have the desired texture you’d like. If you want it smooth, blend on high. Use a spatula and get the bean mixture out into a bowl, stir in another tablespoon of butter to make it extra velvety. Season to taste. 

    In a nice see-through glass casserole dish, start the layering process.  Use the order of ingredients above and finish with the sliced red pepper stuffed olives. An optional garnish to make this dip go over the top would be taco beef (use our Gemstone dry aged ground beef and mexican mystery spice!). Allow to set and mingle for an hour in the fridge. Serve with Maxi Foods Chips.

    Pro Tip: 
    - Make sure you drain the pico de gallo before you spread it out in your dip.

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