Chinese Traditions Done Canadian-Style


Carrie Liu knows dumplings.

It’s not just because dumplings play a big part in Chinese traditions. And not just because her parents ran a dumpling house in her hometown of Harbin in north-east China. Carrie chose dumplings because they’re the perfect way to share delicious food and bring communities together.


Lucky Dumplings

Growing up in Harbin, a city that gets as cold as any Alberta winter, dumplings are a part of the culture. Ancient money in China had a shape similar to dumplings. Because of this, dumplings are considered a symbol of good luck. Carrie remembers the Lunar New Years of her childhood where fifteen minutes before midnight dumplings would be served to all in hopes of bringing them luck in the new year. And when the family took trips, the last meal before they departed was always dumplings in hope that the trip would be a success.


Dumplings Built For The North

When Carrie decided to start Bamboo Dumplings it was partly because she missed the northern-style dumplings she’d grown up with and couldn’t find them anywhere in Canada. Northern dumplings are considered more flavourful than those from the south. Some feel it is because the stronger flavours help warm people up during the long cold winters.


The Alberta Influence

Carrie started her grandparents recipe and began with traditional pork and cabbage dumplings from home, an area with a history of influence from nearby Korea and Russia. It was this Korean influence that led to the creation of her pork and kimchi flavour. Through sharing her dumplings and getting feedback from her customers, she decided to add a beef and carrot dumpling to her selection because of Alberta’s delicious beef offerings. 


Handmade With Love

Bamboo Dumplings continue to be made by hand, a time-consuming process Carrie enjoys in order to provide you with a delicious, easily cooked, flavorful taste of China. Carrie is happy to be working with CultivatR in support of our goal of delivering natural, antibiotic & hormone-free, cost-efficient, and locally-sourced food products straight to your home. 


Craving Dumplings?

Check out all of Carrie's delicious flavours including Pork Kimchi Cabbage, Beef Carrot, Pork Cabbage, and her Vegan dumplings hereDon't forget about the dipping sauce, which is naturally fermented for incredible flavour. We highly recommend getting the dipping sauce when you order Carrie's dumplings for the full Bamboo Dumpling experience. 



Traditional Chinese Dumplings | 370 g



Traditional Dumpling Dipping Sauce | 125 ml



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