BBQ Grilling Tips & Tricks: May Long Weekend Ready



Even if it doesn’t seem like it outside, the grilling season is almost upon us! We've got some tips and tricks to get that BBQ going just in time for Victoria Day. 

May Long weekend is the unofficial start to summer, so make sure that you are ready to welcome the warmer weather and festivities. 

After this post, you'll be able to confidently grill anything from chicken breasts to different cuts of meat. But before that, let’s start by dusting off the Ol’ BBQ and removing the winter crusted cover. 

Follow these easy 8 tips to become a Grill Master and serve the perfect grilled meat:

  1. Clean That Grill: There is nothing worse than starting off with a dirty grill. Preheat the BBQ on high and burn off as much residue as you can. Use a sturdy metal brush to clean the grates in between uses. 
  2. Don’t Mess With Your Food: You shouldn’t have to oil your grill generally. Allow the meat to caramelize on the grill, it will naturally pull away when it’s ready. Fussing and over flipping will lead to sticking and improper cooking. Let the grill do the work for you! 

Note: Don't forget to season your meat! Use salt & pepper and if you want to get a little fancier, you can use some spices rubs.

  1. Never Squeeze or Flatten Meats: You might of have seen people doing this on TV or maybe your Dad did it when you were younger. This is wrong! Squeezing proteins with a spatula only leads to flare ups from the precious fats inside the meat.

Remember Fat = flavor and juiciness. 

  1. Keep Flare Ups at Bay: Even though you aren’t squeezing your meats, flare-ups will occur from time to time. To avoid nasty charring and bitter burnt flavors, keep a spray bottle full of water and spray down any flare-ups you see.
  2. Watch that Temperature! Generally speaking, you should be cooking on medium-high heat. Grilling at 700 degrees does nothing but burn your food! On that note, buy yourself a handy meat thermometer, it takes the guesswork out of cooking and will ensure you will not overcook your proteins. 
  3. Room Temperature: Before grilling, pull your proteins at least a half hour to an hour before cooking. This allows the proteins to relax and not become tough when they hit a hot grill. 
  4. The Early Pull: You brought that meat thermometer right? Rule of thumb is to remove your proteins 10 degrees shy of its finished internal cooking temperature. Tent your meats with tin foil and allow the residual internal heat to finish cooking the meat. 
  5. Rest It: Once you have pulled your protein off the grill, allow it to rest fully. At least 5-7min for an average size steak or chicken breast. This resting period allows the meat to relax again and redistribute the juices inside. Slicing early will bleed out all your hard work and lead to a tough dry protein. 

    If you are wondering what to serve for your weekend get together, we've got the perfect recipe for you! Try our Grilled Chicken Breast Panzanella Salad, a great and easy recipe to cook up on the grill. 

    Enjoy the grilling season and remember to shop local and don’t forget to check out our large inventory of local proteins and start BBQ-ing!


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      I was reading your blog and I noticed that you mention the importance of temperature, I think that’s something really important that many people overlook. Just wanted to add to your tips the importance of not leaving foods at room temperature for longer than two hours because bacteria can multiply quickly and have serious consequences! You can read more about it in our blog:

    • Sam

      Hey John, The grilling tips you mentioned are the perfect first step for preparing a BBQ party. You also mentioned the importance of using a food thermometer to know when the meat is ready, I think this article could give some extra tips on how to safely prepare food for a BBQ.

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