A Cheesy Announcement

For this week’s Farmer Friday edition, we’re introducing you to your new favourite artisanal creamery, Dancing Goats Farm. Dancing Goats Farm offers the highest quality goat cheeses to Southern Alberta through CultivatR.

After successful ballet careers, Paul and Craig started searching for their next passions. Combining Craig's love for animals and good food, and Paul's love for community and building relationships, Dancing Goats Farm was born.


 Fun fact: Dancing Goat Farm’s cheeses are named after dances which express their characteristics. 




They are under a firm belief that happy goats equate to great milk, making their small batch artisan cheeses the highest quality. As farmstead cheese makers, recipes start with the ethical care of their goats. Natural pasture access, on their 128 acre farm forty-five minutes north-east of Calgary, is the first step to great cheese. This ensures the milk used is wholesome and fresh.

Dancing Goat Farm and CultivatR began this partnership with the same foundation: we believe developing a relationship with your farmer and the animals that provide us with our food, is the best way for us to regain perspective on the importance of food in our lives. Truly, a farm to table experience.