Greens with Flavour and a College Degree!

Greens with Flavour and a College Degree!

Fresh Flavor Farm in association with Lethbridge College has scaled up the Aquaponic process to bring Fresh and Naturally grown sustainable produce from Farm to Table.

Located in Nobleford (Lethbridge), Fresh Flavor Farm is a leading grower of Aquaponically Natural products, free from pesticides, herbicides or insecticides.

“If bugs can’t eat it, you can’t eat it!”

Making Year ‘Round Farming a Reality in Alberta!

Fresh Flavor Farm’s growing season is year-round on most items, therefore, they have most  of our products available throughout the year. But what makes them really special is that all of their CultivatR deliveries are within 24 hours of harvesting – which helps keep the amazingly deep flavours and crisp freshness alive for you!

Putting that Degree to Good Use!

One of the best things about working with the team at Fresh Flavors is their continual focus on the research and development that goes into their growing and harvesting cycles and constantly bringing new products that will benefit and enhance quality of life and vitality.

They operate a 12800Sqf Aquaponic greenhouse facility that is filled with sustainable technology in order to bring fresh and naturally grown produce using the fifth generation system called zero discharge Aquaponics by utilizing a symbiotic relationship between fish, beneficial bacteria, and plants in a closed loop nutrient cycle with zero waste.

The process is an integration of two relatively well established production technologies: a recirculating aquaculture system in which fish tank effluent is treated by sophisticated bio-filters before being returned to fish tank; and a hydroponic (soil less) nutrient solution-based horticulture system. Bringing the two together allows for the plants to utilize the waste nutrients produced by the fish. The process is carbon negative and the smallest carbon footprint farming in the way nature intended.

Their incredible scale and innovation represents a sustainable alternative to conventional agriculture for supplying the community with high quality, fresh, live produce. Their vegetables are mainly grown from heirloom seeds and are selected for their outstanding flavours and nutrients, their suitability to our Alberta climate, and visual appeal.

Have you tried their mesmerizing Butter Leaf Lettuce yet???

Local Leafy Greens - Butter Leaf Lettuce | Per Head



Local Leafy Greens - Romaine Lettuce | Per Head




Extremely tender, with smooth, loosely-coiled leaves with a root still knotted at the bottom. Perfect size for two big salads or a couple of nights of small side salads.

The leaves are the perfect size for a sandwich, and they’re almost never limp or weak. They have a bit of crunch and good texture.

The core is crunchy but still tender and flavourful so less wastage.

These leaves are also the perfect size and shape for rolling around, so we highly recommend giving them a try when making Asian chicken wraps or for curling around some tuna salad.